Our work is distinguished by its mirror finishing, one of the most difficult to achieve because each object must be finished maniacally perfect.
The mirror finishing clearly implies a perfection because any kind of defects would be immediately visible. We are among the few companies worldwide that focuses themselves in entirely handmade objects with this kind of craftsmanship and finishing.

Different kind of working techniques are adopted to do our handmade objects. We use half-finished rods and tubes so as plain sheets to do our pieces.
Hollow forms, cups, bowls and trays are made using the handcrafting technique of spinning brass-sheets on wooden forms on the lathe through special tools called “bornitori”
An object is formed from a brass disc which is gradually pressed against a wooden former (the chuck) corresponding to it’s final internal configuration, until it finally takes it’s shape.
The effect is as if the disc was slowly hammered over a former, but pressure in spinning is applied, not by the hammer, but by a lubricated metal-ended lever, resting against a vertical fulcrum and pressed sideways by the operator against the metal disc as both it and the chuck rotate on the lathe.

Further in order to complete the final shape of the product it is necessary to remove and heat several times the metal “glowing-red” in order to make it “soft” again.

The surface of the brass are specially plain grinded on band-grind machines and polished by hand with mild abrasives.
In order to achieve a perfectly “mirror” polished surface one uses different kinds of hard and soft textile wheels and polishing pastes that are specifically chosen out for the different polishing steps. The soldering is made by hand with pure silver solder.

The uniqueness, appreciated worldwide, that make our handmade art creations really precious, is given through the elegant and sinuos lines and by the particularity of the perfect sleek elegant mirror polished surfaces.