img_prod1Guido and Sabrina Niest’s designs have a very distinctive personal character that clearly expresses their visions. The creativity above all, the idea as priority, the emotions as primary source without any compromise. Nowadays, we live in a time where the globalization of the production imposes rules of repeativity that suffocate the art and the free artistic expression. The creations of the Atelier Guido Niest propose an inverse operation, an effort of handcrafting realization serving the man, an aesthetic expression and reaching of formal sensuality.

GUIDO NIEST was born in Venezuela. He lived in several places in Venezuela, Argentina and Germany where he finished his studies in economics and industrial design. In 1986 he moved to Italy and after several years of experience as designer he opened up together with his wife Sabrina his own workshop.

SABRINA MOTTA was born in Como, Italy. After graduating in economics and working for many years in the field of artistic handcrafting she transformed her work into a passion together with her husband Guido.

DAVID and RICCARDO NIEST, their sons, follow with fresh new ideas the family owned company.