The creators Guido e Sabrina Niest are both well-known as jewellers and creators of artistic pieces. With their passion for precious metals and their
brilliant vision, they have managed to surprise and cheer-up the world of design.

Their workshop is one of the most esteemed workshops of modern metal designs in the world. Their original and innovative designs are made by a completely hand made process, making every Guido Niest product a very precious and simply unique object. Their creations are sold in the most famous international exhibitions, luxury shops and art galleries in the world.

Their work is included in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Montreal and in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA). The hand crafted collection created in Atelier Guido Niest is produced in limited quantities. Pieces are identified with the GUIDO NIEST – ITALY brand together with the artists signatures.

Owning a Guido Niest creation means enjoying the luxury of a top quality hand crafted product.